Klaros Yoga-Summer/ Early Fall 2017

Klaros Yoga integrates ancient wisdom with exercises that align the spine, remodel fascia, and increase the body’s pliability and resilience.
Yoga can help you meet the changes and challenges that accompany aging in useful and inspired ways. Physical benefits of yoga, such as, flexibility and strength, improved sleep and digestion are all worthy objectives. And the inner benefits of yoga that come from connection to our spiritual dimension are essential to living with grace and harmony. Thematic classes are offered with reverence, respect, and a splash of humor, for you to discover the inner sanctuary that is the promise of yoga.
TO REGISTER: call 413-367-2658 or click here to contact Lisa

LOCATION: Montague Retreat Center
177 Ripley Rd. Montague, MA 01351
Tuesdays: 9-10:15 am | Summer: July 11- August 15 | Theme: Heart and Prana
6 classes $75 | 5 classes $65 | 4 classes $55 | drop-in $15
In addition to the organic function of the heart there is great emphasis in yoga and Ayurveda on the heart as the root of wellness, awareness, and compassion. We will explore this interweaving through movement, stillness, guided visualizations, and special attention on prana. All class activities are mild to moderate to support joint and muscle integrity, and increase ease of movement in daily activities.

Tuesdays: 9-10:15 am |  Fall Session: Sept.12-Oct.17 | Theme: Neck, Shoulders, Knees & Toes    
6 classes $75 | 5 classes $65 | 4 classes $55 | drop-in $15
This class will focus on details of alignment for improved posture, pain relief, freeing adhesion in our physical, mental and emotional structures, and increasing fluidity of movement. The mild to moderate activity level is great for new students, or those returning to yoga.

“I always get deep benefits from your classes:  your skillful guidance, wonderful content and unique mixture of elements reflecting who you are, is tonic for the body, mind, soul and spirit.”

“I really have loved this series of classes.  You are a creative and gifted teacher! ”

“Your gentle guidance, and incredible classes has helped me to find more contentment, serenity, and confidence in my emotional and physical body. ”

“I came into yoga with a vague desire to learn some stretching exercises that would help me to loosen up in all senses of the word. I wasn’t aware of what dimensions this ongoing process might take and am mighty grateful to you for inviting me to open myself to a gentler and more peaceful self-awareness .”