Programs for Health and Wellness

Klaros Movement

Klaros Movement programs are designed to enliven the body, enhance the mind and embrace the spirit. Our first language is movement, though as we become more sedentary over time, we ‘forget’ our original fluency, and experience physical discomfort commonly attributed to ‘aging’. Participating in gentle, yet deep therapeutic practices help the mature body sustain or regain, mobility, resilience, and the simple joy of moving. By combining a variety of techniques Klaros Movement addresses issues such as poor posture, lack of energy, or aches and pains when performing daily activities. Just like eating wholesome foods and drinking sufficient water, movement nourishes the body and needs to be part of a daily routine for a healthy life-style. In addition to weekly yoga classes, Klaros Movement offers Easy Yoga, Flourish at 50+, and Keep Your Balance workshops in assisted living, community housing, and senior centers. The best way to maintain mobility and feel good for the rest of your life is to move everyday.

“Yoga with Lisa is an anchor to my week.  Her knowledge of all things body & soul feeds and inspires me. ”

“She’s enabled me to participate wholeheartedly and with very little self-consciousness, a liberating feeling… Lisa’s highly experienced in thinking about this yoga process, and a good deal of fun to work with. ”

” I feel so fortunate to be able to be able to attend Lisa’s yoga classes. She completely weaves the breathe with the movement and postures so the experience of yoga with her integrates the body and mind.”